Recruitment, Employer & Talent Branding Opportunities

Looking for recruiting, branding and exposure?
  • In 6 hours, access a large pool of tech talent
  • Post unlimited job vacancies online
  • Connect with candidates through chat & video networking
  • Virtual exhibitor booth & private meeting rooms
  • Host a session for job seekers in the tech sector
  • Pitch your organization to top tech talent
  • Sponsorship opportunities for increased brand exposure

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Live and Focused

Magic happens and teams are built when employers, hiring managers, recruiters, talent acquisition professionals, career consultants and hundreds of focused job seekers meet and interact live through video and chat networking

Employer Branding

Bring along your talent acquisitions, sourcing, employer branding, and recruitment teams to provide precise insights into the latest trends, developments and technologies in software and tech recruiting

Lead Generation

Generate a pool of highly interested candidates by pitching opportunities through a 10-min session, showcasing your talent brand and culture at the virtual booth and sessions

Jobs Command Center

Get a login to your company dashboard and post as many job vacancies as you like, upload your team video, update your company profile, and make all opportunities visible to thousands of relevant jobseekers online.