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Living Lonely on a Resume Database?

Spring to life at Wurrck. In a matters of hours, meet with hundreds of curated tech jobs from participating companies. Look up the list weeks in advance of the event, so you can see exactly which employers are coming to the event and what opportunities are available to you.

Get a Taste for Company Culture

Get upfront with your future employer organization and get a taste for its culture. Like remote working? Don't like remote working? Hear first-hand from companies at the pitch sessions on their way of life and decide if it matches with who you are and where you want to be.

Match the Stacks

From bootstrapped tech startups to high-growth companies, they are all at Wurrck. Visit them at the virtual booths and learn from their core tech teams on their tech stack, technology infrastructure, data ecosystem of choice.

Get Inspired and Network

The Wurrck agenda includes a conference featuring thought-provoking talks and discussions to help you grow your professional career. You will also meet and network 1:1 (FaceTime video) with hundreds of ambitious talent like you.