Rhiana Heath

Software Engineer, Blake eLearning

Rhiana is known for speaking and writing about how to make web sites and applications accessible for people with disabilities. She is currently a software engineer at Blake Education. Where she works to build educational software for students around the world. Drawing from her experience in education and psychology from university and as a high school teacher.

When Rhiana is not at work you'll find her at a local park or zoo with her husband and two children or working on her latest cross stitch pattern. She is currently working on writing her own svg graphing library in ruby.


Talks on Wurreka:

Traditional CSS is limiting in a number of ways. While it has many, many attributes, if you want to make something outside the DOM box your options are pretty limited. Leading to many CSS hacks to make objects like, triangles for example, a reality in a modern web browser. This clutters up the HTML and CSS with extra elements it doesn't need. This then slows down performance and makes the code harder to read and maintain.

This is where CSS Houdini comes in with its DOM magic. It allows you to craft your own CSS attributes using JS Worklets. Making the code more performant, deliberate and reusable. This can also be combined with their new CSS typed system. Which gives you more control over your attributes and useful errors if something goes wrong.

Today I'll be doing a live demo showing a few examples of how to make new attributes with Houdini. Such as: tooltips, custom borders and backgrounds, custom checkboxes and animations.

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