Peter Jausovec

Consulting Solutions Architect, Oracle

Peter Jausovec is a Consulting Solution Architect at Oracle working on cloud-native solutions. He has more than a decade of experience in the field of software development and tech, in various roles such as QA (test), software engineering and leading tech teams. He's been working in the cloud-native space for the past couple of years, and delivering talks and workshops around the world. He authored and co-authored a couple of books, latest being Cloud Native: Using Containers, Functions, and Data to Build Next-Generation Applications.


Talks on Wurreka:

With great scalability comes great responsibility. Individual deployments, updatability and development of microservices comes with advantages as well as challenges. Deploying and updating a single service/web application is simple. Now imagine doing this with hundreds or thousands of services. It can all get tangled and complex really fast. In this session I will demonstrate how to set up everything needed for your service development - Helm charts, Docker files, other tools and tips and tricks you need to take your services from check-in to production in a controlled manner. The goal of this session is to show the value of different tools and see them working together to make the deployment and delivery of cloud-native services a breeze.

Starting with an existing monolithic e-commerce application, you will learn how to effectively apply and use different tools and projects from the CNCF landscape to break the monolith apart. You will start by chipping away a small, non-critical piece of the monolith and convert it to a service that can be independently built, tested and deployed. Building your cloud-native muscles, you will create a CI/CD pipeline and automate the whole process.

By the end of the workshop, you will have a collection of running services and functions that were previously embedded into a single monolith and practical experience on how to define bounded contexts, decide on functions vs. services, pick and implement communication patterns and use patterns such as strangler pattern and anti-corruption pattern to help you with breaking up your monolithic application.

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