Archanaa Ravikumar

Lead Engineer, BCG Digital Ventures

Archanaa is a Lead Engineer at BCG Digital Ventures, Singapore. She has worked in a variety of domains including retail, education, micro-finance, travel and IoT in the last 11 years as an engineer and tech lead. She has experience in facilitating product design, architecting applications, leading teams to deliver solutions and coaching individuals & teams. She has worked across different technologies like .Net, Java, RoR, Golang and Clojure. She is an avid reader, a board game geek and a coffee addict.


Talks on Wurreka:

Let’s use Kafka, everywhere! Let’s try event driven architecture! How about Rust for this service? Let’s use Elixir for this! The platform should be cloud agnostic. These are some sentiments often heard when starting on new projects. As tech leads, one of the key responsibilities we hold is to recommend the right tech stack while building products. When doing this, we are faced with the dilemma of choosing between technologies that are tried and tested or new/shiny. This decision could vary from big ones like choosing the language, framework, infrastructure to smaller scale ones like choosing a dependency injection or test framework.

It is more exciting to choose a shiny new tech stack and there are always requirements that need us to choose a tech that we may not have chosen otherwise. But this need not be the norm and as tech leads, the buck stops with us. It’s our responsibility to understand the cost and benefits of a tech choice and make informed decisions.

In this talk, the speakers will talk about sensible choices and how it’s ok to choose boring old technology that we all know works instead of going after the new shiny tech stack out there.

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