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Using Software, AI, DS to Source Growth Opportunities

Thomas Thurston

Growing up in Honduras, Bolivia, India, Nepal and Indonesia, Thomas believes innovation decision making is one of the most far-reaching and poorly understood determinants of social wellbeing. He also believes data science is critical to better innovation decisions wo...

Fostering Chaos Engineering Culture

Suresh Reddy

In a digital world, users seek convenience when interacting with a business. Hence, it is imperative for businesses to make digital applications available round the clock. While salient architectural practices address resiliency concerns, there should be an engineeri...

How to Validate your Startup Idea Quickly

Aman Jain

I work at Facebook's Innovation Lab as an Engineering Lead. As part of that, I help with rapidly prototyping and building brand new apps. One of the key learning is that most new product ideas will fail in the market, even if the execution is good. This d...

Remote Working - Is this the New Normal?

Nainesh Mehta

In this talk, Nainesh discusses the pros and cons of this new way of working that we have all had to adopt due to the current pandemic that is COVID-19.  Is remote working the future?  Find out his thoughts on this subject and how he managed his team at News Corp., t...

Sailing through Digital Transformation

Arpana Chopra

The current health crisis is rapidly reshaping, for the better, what was already a key agenda for organizations in 2020 -- Digital Transformation. With the emerging market needs and the challenges the world is facing each day, it is pushing us to innovate and transfo...

Up Your Engineering Game: Adopting the Good Parts of Startup Culture

Peter Vesterbacka

We all know the hallmarks of startup culture: “act first, apologize later,”  “work hard, play hard,” "growth, growth and more growth,"... then there is the flat org structures, flexible and informal processes, an ethos of exacting standards and hard work for high rew...

Uncovering your Personal Values

Kate Illsley

We regularly review our code and attend retros, but what about tracking and reviewing our personal identity? We all know our company values, but we often forget about our own personal values. Lets identify those beliefs that shape our unconscious behaviours, so that...

Top 10 Algorithms for Coding Interviews

Rohit Bhardwaj

So we are all the best coders, but have you see the run time of the code you are writing? What is its time complexity? O(n) or O(log n) What can you do to improve the space complexity? In most of the top companies, algorithm and coding problems are critical before y...

The Dao of Tech Leadership

Kate Wardin

Effectively managing humans requires a certain level of self-awareness. Therefore, understanding your WHY and what drives you is vitally important to lead and influence people in tech. In this session, Kate Wardin will lead participants through a few powerf...

Systems Thinking

Raju Gandhi

Albert Einstein once said — “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” As developers, architects, managers, tech-leads, our job entails solving big problems. However, our systems are composed of parts, and it is the ...

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“Once again Wurreka has knocked it out of the park with interesting speakers, engaging content and challenging ideas. No jetlag fog at all, which counts for how interesting the whole thing was."

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“Very much looking forward to next year. I will be keeping my eye out for the date so I can make sure I lock it in my calendar."

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“Best conference I have ever been to with lots of insights and information on next generation technologies and those that are the need of the hour."

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Scott Davis

“Happy to meet everyone who came from near and far. Glad to know you've discovered some great lessons here, and glad you joined us for all the discoveries great and small."

Web Architect & Principal Engineer, Scott Davis

Dr. Venkat Subramaniam

“Wonderful set of conferences, well organized, fantastic speakers, and an amazingly interactive set of audience. Thanks for having me at the events!"

Founder of Agile Developer Inc., Dr. Venkat Subramaniam

Oracle Corp.

“What a buzz! The events have been instrumental in bringing the whole software community together. There has been something for everyone from developers to architects to business to vendors. Thanks everyone!"

Voltaire Yap, Global Events Manager, Oracle Corp.