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Continuations and Fibers: The New Frontier for Java

Venkat Subramaniam

We will program with Java quite differently in the future than we do today. The reason is that Java is embracing asynchronous programming like never before. This will have a huge impact on how we create services and web applications. In this presentations we will loo...

An Experiment in Continuous Deployment of JVM applications

Nicolas Frankel

A couple of years ago, continuous integration in the JVM ecosystem meant Jenkins. Since that time, a lot of other tools have been made available. But new tools don’t mean new features, just new ways. Beside that, what about continuous deployment? There’s no tool that...

Agile Engineering: The Hard Parts

Neal Ford

While teams can pick up the easy parts of agile from books and conferences, some of the engineering practices still present challenges. In this session, Neal covers many of the engineering practices teams struggle with: what are the tradeoffs between...

Thirst-quenching Streams for the Reactive Mind

Mary Grygleski

With the advances in multicore hardware and virtualization technologies, and the demand for highly responsive, resilient, and elastic systems and increasingly sophisticated applications, an array of reactive data stream processing libraries have been born to address ...

Developing and Deploying a Modern Reactive Serverless Container

Mary Grygleski

We have been hearing a lot about the benefits of using the reactive approach to solving concurrency problems in distributed systems. While reactive programming refers to the implementation techniques being used on the coding level, on the systems deployment and runti...

What's New in Java - a Language Perspective!

Manoj Palat

Java Language is moving towards a pattern matching paradigm - most of the new language features in latest Java serve as building blocks to that objective. Instanceof Patterns, Switch Expressions, Records, Sealed Types - to name a few are some of the recent features i...

Uncovering Project Amber - Changes to the Java Language in v10 and Beyond

Mala Gupta

Evolution has always been in the Java DNA, and according to Darwin, "It is neither the strongest nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is most adaptable to change". Project Amber is transforming Java's basic language constructs and intr...

Latest Java Best Practices

Kenneth Kousen

Java is now on a six-month release schedule, with new features being added all the time. This talk summarizes the features that have been added to Java, including modules, jshell, collection factory methods, private methods in interfaces, new annotations and more. Th...

Java 9 Memory and GC

Ken Sipe

So your server is having issues? memory? Connections? Limited response? Is the first solution to bounce the server? Perhaps change some VM flags or add some logging? In todays Java 9 world, with its superior runtime monitoring and management capabilities the reasons ...

Container Friendly Java 9

Ken Sipe

Containers and Micro-service are like peanut butter and jelly, they just go together. However do you know how resources are managed in a container and how that affects your application. This session will dive into how Java is affected living under control groups....

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“Wonderful set of conferences, well organized, fantastic speakers, and an amazingly interactive set of audience. Thanks for having me at the events!"

Founder of Agile Developer Inc., Dr. Venkat Subramaniam

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