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Four Responsibility Management Scenarios

What is responsibility management for an enterprise? What is the rationale for this? What are we trying to achieve? Let's start by looking at a few scenarios in this case. Alright, let's try to understand where...

Software Architecture

Be a Mentor, Not a Tormentor

I want to talk about 12 qualities of being a highly effective architect. The very first thing I want to start with is “Be a mentor, not a tormentor.” This reminds me of so many different...

Software Architecture

A Bear and Two Friends

This seems like a simple question. What is security? Everybody wants it, but it really depends who you ask. If you have an employee, they're going to say the system is secure if your employer does...

Software Architecture

This is Karate

One of the things you should take away from this slide before I build anything, this is not Java, not JavaScript. This is not Python. It's not any language that you’re probably used to. It's inspired...

Software Architecture

Broker and Mediator Topology

Let me talk about two event-driven architectures briefly here, broker and mediator topology. Now, events and messages can be used and are quite often used within higher-level architectures, like microservices. And in fact, at the end...

Software Architecture

A Sneak Peek at Four Reactive Frameworks for Kafka

Here are four of the sort of most commonly used Kafka clients for reactive frameworks. They include Reactor Kafka, MicroProfile Reactive Messaging with connectors to Kafka, Alpakka Kafka Connector and the Vert.x Kafka Client. So, all...

Software Architecture

Tradeoffs: Tech Debt vs. Efficiency

Snyk releases a State of Open Source Security Report, in 2020, and in this report, they found that 86% of JavaScript vulnerabilities occur in indirect dependencies. Now stop for a moment to think about that. If...

Software Architecture

So We Want to Do Some Migrations

Let's talk about why we would ever do something as crazy as a migration, as dangerous as a migration for a running business, a business that's up and working already. Well, it turns out all organizations, no...

Software Architecture

DDD at its Core is Not About Architecture

We live in a world of microservices. Yet, what is a microservice? What defines the boundaries of a microservice? How do we define the relationships between microservices? Thankfully domain-driven design gives us the concepts and practices...

Software Architecture

Yeah, But Why Did you Make that Choice?

The first law of software architecture that Neal Ford and I quoted in our book is that “Everything in software architecture is a tradeoff”, and if that's the case, this is where we get to the...

Software Architecture

Continuous Deployment will Complicate your Life

When I think about my first driving lesson, I was terrified. I refused to go to the 40, maybe even 20, even 20 felt fast, but now it's automatic. You just get in the car and...

Software Architecture

Evidence Vs. Aspiration

If you've heard this myth “React is faster than DOM". Someone no less than Dan Abramov, who is the creator of the Redux framework and a core contributor to the React framework says in the comments,...

Software Architecture

Our First Wrong Kind of Fast

If we go to hapi's homepage right now:, we'll see that hapi isn't a toy project. In fact, it was developed by Walmart and it was released on Black Friday, the most busy, popular, overwhelming...

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