Evidence Vs. Aspiration

Scott Davis debunks common software tropes with empirical, quantifiable, measurable facts — what he calls "Evidence-Based Architecture". Watch a clip and read a transcript from the presentation at the GIDS Architecture Live 2020 series.

If you've heard this myth “React is faster than DOM". Someone no less than Dan Abramov, who is the creator of the Redux framework and a core contributor to the React framework says in the comments, no, “we don't claim that in the react document react can't possibly be faster than the same DOM mutations written by hand because by definition react has more work to do.”

That's actually a very reasonable response. I was really pleased with that. Dan does seem to be like a reasonable fellow when, when, when it comes to these kinds of things. He goes on to say something else that I feel is very reasonable as well. “We do think it helps to create maintainable applications and we feel that it is fast enough for practical use cases.”

Fast enough.

That's something we all feel right. Is this fast enough? Yeah, it feels fast enough, of course. But when I'm talking about evidence-based architecture, we can't just say this feels fast enough or it doesn't feel fast enough or can you make it faster? That's not evidence that's aspiration.

So what does fast enough feel like? If we actually measure performance, and of course I'm not talking about having a stopwatch and watching someone use this. I'm talking about the built-in instrumentation that we're going to learn about that is baked into every Google Chrome browser and this set of tools that we can npm install and make a part of our cd pipeline and everything else.

In the full video, watch Scott talk about ways to make your web app fast by creating measurable performance budgets. The talk will explore your development process through the prism of the book Accelerate: The Science of Lean Software and DevOps: Building and Scaling High Performing Technology Organizations. And create objective integrity assessments through measurable Fitness Functions, as discussed in the book Building Evolutionary Architectures: Support Constant Change.

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