DDD at its Core is Not About Architecture

Raju Gandhi considers many of the concepts of DDD, all of which will service us well as we go about creating our Microservices. Watch a clip and read a transcript from the presentation at the GIDS Architecture Live 2020 series.

We live in a world of microservices. Yet, what is a microservice? What defines the boundaries of a microservice? How do we define the relationships between microservices? Thankfully domain-driven design gives us the concepts and practices to better design and decompose our services.

Domain Driven Design, at its core, if you're going to take one message away from today's session is this: It's not about architecture. It's not about, tooling. It's not about how we divvy up our packages or design our microservices.

It's about one thing, and one thing only.

Domain Driven Design is fundamentally about catering to the thing that you cannot control, which is: the user requirements, the business asks, right?

We can change design. We can change architecture. We can go from microservices to monoliths, or monoliths to microservices or modulars or service-based architectures, we can do all of that. What we cannot change are user requirements. So how do we cater to that? that's where Domain Driven Design comes into play.

Now, let me give you the prerequisites. If you are going to think about doing an exercise in Domain Driven Design within your team or within your organization. Let me give you the constraints upfront, the prerequisites to Domain Driven Design.

In the full video, watch Raju consider many of the concepts of DDD — how bounded contexts use ubiquitous language to model the domain, how context maps can be used to establish the interconnections between services as well aggregates and domains events — all of which will service us well as we go about creating our microservices.

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