JSON-LD Workshop

Duration: 180 mins
Brian Sletten
Forward Leaning Software Engineer

The Semantic Web and its related technologies provide an incredibly powerful model for driving the cost of data integration down to nearly zero by applying Web-related standards to data. So, how do we help developers who are overwhelmed, frightened or annoyed by its data models and formats?

Everyone can have semantically rich, interoperable data and modern application tools, frameworks and user interfaces. There is a surprisingly simple mechanism by which “normal” developers can benefit from the power of the Semantic Web and the latter's developers can integrate with the panoply of tools and toys under constant development by the former.

The trick is JSON-LD. A simple, but deliberately designed extension to JSON that bridges both worlds and is finding its way into many other uses.

You will learn about:

  • The JSON-LD format
  • How to frame, sign and validate it
  • How to convert it to/from RDF
  • How to describe Hypermedia systems with Hydra and JSON-LD
  • How to embed and consume JSON-LD in HTML documents
  • How JSON-LD is being used in a variety of mass market ways

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