Happiness 24/7 - even without JavaScript

Duration: 25 mins
Markus Lauttia
VP of Engineering, Sievo Oy

We spend one third of our day at work. We believe that everyone must make the best out of that time. Have you ever felt sad when grinding a muddy code base day after day with the feeling that nothing gets done in the end? Would you love feel proud about your code? We at Sievo believe that by unleashing the best talent to achieve what the world wants is the way to go. Middle management is just in the way.

Better yet, have you ever thought of life beyond the working hours - the other two thirds? How would the happiest place on earth sound as a home and a place to work? How does clean breathing air sound? Free health care during Covid-19 pandemic? Would you rather spend hours in a rush hour traffic, or spend more time with your friends and family?

Covid-19 outbreak has restricted our lives all over the world, but the situation is not the same around the globe. Finland has been able to handle the outbreak very well. Our daily numbers of new cases is among the lowest in the world, and yet our daily life is quite close to normal. The outbreak will end eventually, but Finland still stays as the best country in the world by many metrics - learn what we can offer to you.

Learn how you can get the best out of the all three thirds of your days - even the third allocated for resting conveniently in the darkest side of the globe most of the year.

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