Uncovering your Personal Values

Duration: 25 mins
Kate Illsley
Senior Consultant, Method Recruitment

We regularly review our code and attend retros, but what about tracking and reviewing our personal identity? We all know our company values, but we often forget about our own personal values. Lets identify those beliefs that shape our unconscious behaviours, so that we can be better decision makers.

Love being inspired by conference talks but feel overwhelmed by all the action points you need to start when you get home? This talk will hold space to "workshop" without leaving your seat!

We will look to understand what your values mean to you, in a professional setting so that you can use your core values as your compass for decision making, asking for a promotion, job hunting, improving work life balance and much more.

Then its time to get stuck into identifying your own personal values - this will be guided on screen but please have your notebook or notes app handy.

We will finish off with some tangible examples from Melbourne Software Developers on navigating with (and without) listening to their core values - so that after this talk we can go out into the world feeling ready to take on whatever life throws at us!

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