Sailing through Digital Transformation

Duration: 50 mins
Arpana Chopra
Director – Software engineering, Lowe’s India

The current health crisis is rapidly reshaping, for the better, what was already a key agenda for organizations in 2020 -- Digital Transformation. With the emerging market needs and the challenges the world is facing each day, it is pushing us to innovate and transform quickly amid dramatic disruption.

It is a mammoth task for some and is just hype for others, but we cannot deny the fact that there is a need to amend our ways to be more efficient and effective. If your organization is embarking on a digital transformation agenda, this talk will show you how to simplify your journey and sail through by tackling some of the crucial challenges:

  • How to put the scare and anxiety to rest
  • How to address the skill gap
  • How to identify and leverage internal talent
  • How to attain the speed
  • How to look for clues on what to be cautious about

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