Pull My Code: Effective Code Review

Duration: 25 mins
Simon Gerber
Engineering Manager, Prospection

We need to talk about code reviews.

Having a strong, effective code review process is the key-stone of quality, culture, learning and all-round engineering excellence. It will accelerate learning and knowledge transfer, reduce your "bus factor", improve collaboration, reduces friction and increase developer efficiency. Despite this, code reviews are rarely taught or discussed during formal computer science or software engineering education. As a result, code review practices tend to grow in an organic and undirected fashion. Often code review cultures are simply are not as effective as they could be. At worst, they can lead to a toxic brew of conflicting egos.

The dominance of GitHub and Git has lead to the "Pull Request" becoming the de facto form of code review. In this session we will take a step back and learn that there is more to life than the 'pull-request', when it's appropriate to use different review techniques, and how to make your reviews as efficient, humane and safe as they can be.

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