Mental Bookmarks and the Fractal Nature of Success

17th November 2020
Speaker Date: 16th November 2020
Speaker Time: EDT: 20:00-21:00
Attendee Date: 17th November 2020
Attendee Time: IST: 06:30-07:30 | SGT: 09:00-10:00 | AEST: 12:00-13:00
Duration: 50 mins
Kenneth Kousen
Founder, KousenIT

Good discussions are supposed to diverge from their intended path. Free association is a feature, not a bug, and helps you see new connections between ideas. Without structure, however, it can be difficult to add context to new ideas and understand how they relate to more immediate problems. This talk discusses the technique of mental bookmarks – how to remember where you were when a discussion diverged. In addition to giving you a reputation for having an amazing memory, the skill also helps with personal awareness in general.

To give the technique context, we'll look at the fractal nature of success – the way we tend to see our current environment in relative terms, always comparing ourselves to those slightly more successful and slightly less successful.

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