Leading a Team of Subject Matter Experts with Confidence

19th November 2020
Speaker Date: 19th November 2020
Speaker Time: AEST: 14:00-18:00
Attendee Date: 19th November 2020
Attendee Time: IST: 08:30-12:30 | SGT: 11:00-15:00 | AEST: 14:00-18:00
Ruchi Motial-Suri
Founder, Success Culture

As a leader, it is impossible to be an expert on all aspects of your delivery - this is why we create a team of experts. However, most of us are overwhelmed when dealing with experts who know more than us.

How can your team respect you if you are not an expert yourself?

What if you are found out?

How do you manage a team of experts when you don't have the same depth of knowledge?

How can you keep tabs on them if you don't understand each and every aspect of what they do?

If you have ever asked yourself even one of the above questions, then this session is for you!

81% of respondents in a 2019 study by Deloitte felt that the "ability to lead through more complexity and ambiguity" was the top requirement for 21st century leaders - not their technical expertise. So how can you become such a leader?

In this interactive workshop we will explore exactly that - how to become a Leader who can lead through complexity and ambiguity and inspire a team of experts to be successful.

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