Systems Thinking

Duration: 50 mins
Raju Gandhi
Founder, DefMacro Software

Albert Einstein once said — “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.”

As developers, architects, managers, tech-leads, our job entails solving big problems. However, our systems are composed of parts, and it is the interaction of those parts that ensure the system works, and tells us where to go looking when things fail. What does it mean to think in systems? What are the benefits, and what are tools are available to us? If any of this intrigues you (and it should) come join me as we explore a new way of thinking about problems, both big and small.

In this session we will take a page from Donella H. Meadows fantastic book “Thinking in Systems” and attempt to get an understanding of what makes up a system, how we can tease apart the moving parts of the system, and get into the mindset of a “systems thinker”.

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