So You’ve Just Become a Tech Lead - Great! Now What?

Duration: 50 mins
Sarah Taraporewalla
Principal Consultant, ThoughtWorks

You have just been promoted to a Tech Lead role - Congratulations! But something is wrong :(. Suddenly, you’re struggling and under delivering. Everything you thought you knew about being a great developer is thrown out the window.

Being a Tech Lead is more than just being the best technologist in the room. In fact, the objective of a Tech Lead is completely different to a Senior Engineer. A Tech Lead’s sole aim is to make the delivery team as effective as they can.

In this talk, you will hear how Sarah has helped many upcoming Senior Engineers transition into successful Tech Leads. You will learn more about the expectations of the role and take a look at key attributes for a Tech Lead. We will dive into the five key capabilities that they need: Custodian of Vision, Project Management, Information Radiator, Mentorship and Productionising the Tech; which are underpinned by Influence Skills, Leadership Styles and Conflict Resolution. If you have been struggling with your new responsibilities, or you are progressing towards this role, this talk is for you.

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