Proper Care and Feeding of Junior Developers

Duration: 25 mins
Valarie Regas
DevOps Engineer, Airbus

Junior Developers require more than just a first job; they need help, and they need it from YOU. Just as a chain is only as strong as its weakest link, so is a team only as strong as its least experienced member. It is of vital importance to help foster Junior talent, and strengthen one's team.

This talk will focus on concrete, actionable tasks which can be implemented by mid- and Senior Developers to help their Junior teammates be more effective, more efficient, and more independent at work. Additionally, this session will cover ways one can leverage their role as mentor to advance their own career.

Join Valarie's session at GIDS to learn about the importance of hiring new talent, how to foster those Junior resources appropriately, and how to ensure the mentor/mentee relationship is mutually beneficial.

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