Developer is 'King' - Unleashing Innovation by Unblocking your Developers

Duration: 25 mins
Harshu Deshpande
Country Lead, Slalom Build

As each industry is disrupted by the wave of digital transformation, harnessing and unlocking new ideas can only be done through enabling developers to be creative and bring to life new ideas for your organisation. The ability to enable developers to have the freedom and permission to experiment, unencumbered by processes and empowered to push the envelope for your business, will determine how well your organisation is able to adapt to the rapidly changing landscape.

This talk focuses on how organisations can take practical steps to start to transform themselves into software companies and instilling a product engineering mindset. Looking through the lenses of people, process and tools, the talk will cover aspects of how everything from organisational structures to continuous learning and development programs can be modified to help with this transformation and become an employer of choice for the next generation of talent.

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