Definition of Ready & Done - A Guide to Achieving Predictability

Duration: 50 mins
Kito Mann
Editor-in-Chief, JSF Central
Dushyanth (Dee) Inguva
Senior Director, Engineering, CLEAR

Delivering software often takes longer than we anticipate. Why is that? Part of the reason is not understanding the nuances of the system’s expected behavior.

Understanding that behavior starts by ensuring that each story is handled with extreme focus. “Works on my machine” is just the first step of story delivery; it also includes code quality, tests, documentation, adherence to Acceptance Criteria.

Definition of Ready and Definition of Done are a set of guard rails that help us overcome these issues and achieve predictability in software delivery. In this talk, you’ll learn how to make a case for each of these definitions to your team and how you can ensure the last few days of a Sprint are something to actually look forward to.

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