Build Your Own Tech Radar, Capture Your Org's Tech Posture

Duration: 50 mins
Shohre Mansouri
Senior Consultant Developer, ThoughtWorks

Software industry changes at a crazy speed. There are always new things coming in and going out of the eco-system of software creation. To not fall behind or be surprised because we have missed things, we need to actively monitor the changes and make sure our competitors don't overtake us because of our lack of awareness.

Best is to document all the bits and pieces of the technology that we currently use, we want to stop using, we want to assess or we want to try out. A document that everyone in the organisation can access to realise the current organisation's posture towards the relevant technologies.

But document? Who reads documents? We want something visual. Something pretty, a format that makes the information easily digestible, something like a 'Tech Radar'.

In this talk, I will explain, what a Tech Radar is, why you would need one and the detailed steps of creating your own.

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