10x productivity for Developers and Architects

Duration: 50 mins
Rohit Bhardwaj
Senior Architect, Cloud-native Expert in cloud-native solutions

Productivity is key to success in software development. We will be exploring different principles, so you do not have to work for 60 to 80 hours a day? Are you multitasking and nothing is getting done? Do you feel that there are lots of moving parts and nothing is getting accomplished? What can you do to make a difference in your organization? What techniques can you adopt to eliminate distractions? How to solve a given problem more efficiently? These will be some of the questions and challenges we will address in this talk. Developers and Architects are designers, problem solvers, and innovative, creative artists. Software design is an art, which requires both left, and right brains to be active so you can understand what customer needs. Next, we will explore habits and tools to plan, learn, research, organize, teach, develop, mentor and architect.

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