Migrating to Modern JavaScript

Duration: 180 mins
Raju Gandhi
Founder, DefMacro Software

Today, JavaScript is ubiquitous. However, for a long time, JavaScript was deemed quirky and eccentric. Developers had to resort to convoluted programming practices and patterns to avoid the potholes presented by the language.

All of that changed in 2015. The central committee that governs the development of the language announced a slew of changes aiming to propel JavaScript into a new era. Features like let and const aim to deprecate the mischievous var, while fat-arrow functions aim to make JavaScript more succinct and functional. Developing domains and object hierarchies is also easier using the newly introduced classes. Finally, features like promises and async/await make it easier to work with asynchronous operations.

However, there is a ton of legacy code out now in need of refactoring. By updating your code to use modern JavaScript constructs, you’ll make your code more clear, maintainable, and explicit, with fewer hidden bugs. This workshop will help you take your first steps toward modernizing your JavaScript code.

This workshop has some set up required prior to us getting started, so please follow the instructions in the README file of this repository prior to attending this workshop: https://github.com/looselytyped/refactoring-to-modern-javascript

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