Groovy 3: All The Major New Features

Duration: 50 mins
Kenneth Kousen
Founder, KousenIT

Groovy 3 represents the biggest update to the Groovy programming language in years. The move to the Parrot Parser allows all Java features to be supported, including the syntax for lambdas and method references. New operators, like !in, !instanceof, and Elvis assignment have been added. Better Java integration makes Groovy perfect for enhancing existing Java systems with Groovy capabilities, like XML and JSON parsing and generation, collections capabilities, and more.

Groovy continues to grow and is still the most widely supported alternative language on the JVM. Now that it is established as an Apache project, the number of downloads and integrations into Java systems has only grown with time. The Groovy ecosystem, including Grails 4, Spock, Gradle, and more, is still actively supported as well.

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