Design Patterns in Dynamic and Functional Languages

Duration: 50 mins
Neal Ford
Software Architect, ThoughtWorks

Design patterns have existed for decades in the software development world, acting as a well known catalog of common problems and structural solutions. Unfortunately, the seminal book on this topic, Design Patterns, include code examples in C++ and Smalltalk! In the intervening years since the book was released, capabilities and paradigms of programming languages have evolved, but not the design patterns…until now. This talk takes a fresh look at the GoF design patterns, but implemented in modern languages, including modern dialects of Java and C# (not C++) as well as dynamic languages such as Ruby and Groovy and functional languages such as Clojure, Scala, and Haskell. It turns out that some patterns disappear, some change implementations, and others change focus and scope. Come see a fresh look at this pertinent topic and how modern languages simplify and clarify these patterns.

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