What's New in Java - a Language Perspective!

Duration: 25 mins
Manoj Palat
Open Source Committer

Java Language is moving towards a pattern matching paradigm - most of the new language features in latest Java serve as building blocks to that objective. Instanceof Patterns, Switch Expressions, Records, Sealed Types - to name a few are some of the recent features in Java 14, 15++.

As a compiler writer for these features for the Java Compiler in Eclipse, Manoj will cover these latest features in some detail, explain the reason for their existence, and also discuss why a feature has a particular characteristic, which would help Java programmers to use these features appropriately. He will also touch upon some incorrect code to help programmers understand the error involved.

Java language changes cannot be in isolation to the byte code changes as the virtual machine specification also has modifications for some of these features and hence this talk would cover some of the additional constructs that the generated code would contain if these features are used.

Please note this talk will not cover non-language related features of Java releases. Key takeaway for an attendee would be an understanding of latest Java language features and an idea as to where and how to use them.

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