Rabbit MQ vs Kafka: When, Which, Where?

Duration: 50 mins
Nikhil Nanivadekar
Senior Principal Architect, BNY Mellon

Rabbit MQ and Kafka are both considered to be the Go-To frameworks for data transmission (messaging). Many developers place them side-by-side, or sometimes interchangeable. But really, are they interchangeable? Can we swap one for the other? Which framework is better compared to the other? Nikhil will try to answer these questions (and many more) in this talk. He will begin by explaining the fundamental concepts of these two frameworks, then he will dive straight-in to explore the differences and similarities of these frameworks. Nikhil will use live-coding examples to explain how these frameworks work. Furthermore, Nikhil will dive deep in to the intricate aspects of both, Rabbit MQ and Kafka to help better understand in which scenarios each of these frameworks thrives. At the end of this talk you will understand which problems can be solved using these frameworks, where they are best suited in your application, and when it will give you the maximum benefit. So, come and broker this talk to discover which queue suits the best for your use case.

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