Mastering your Eclipse IDE - Java Tooling, Tips & Tricks!

Duration: 25 mins
Noopur Gupta
Member, Eclipse Architecture Council

Eclipse IDE provides a lot of powerful features. With so much functionality at its disposal, the full potential of the IDE is not used. To be productive, mastering your IDE is as important as mastering your source code.

With faster Java releases, it is an exciting time to be a Java developer. In this session, I will show you how Eclipse IDE makes your experience more convenient and pleasant while working with the new Java versions.

I will unleash many tips & tricks that will allow you to better use the Eclipse IDE and be more productive in your routine development tasks. I will include some cool new features from the latest Eclipse IDE releases, covering various topics from efficiently organizing your workspace content to navigating, debugging, and testing (JUnit 5).

During this talk, you will have many "Ah, I didn't know Eclipse can do that!" moments. Examples:

  • Determining who last modified a line of code, plug-in spies, bookmarks
  • Trigger points, tracepoints, grouping breakpoints
  • Tooling for new Java features -- switch expressions, var, modules

Come and learn about the best Eclipse IDE capabilities that you may not be aware of yet. There will be something new for everyone.

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