Distilling Java Containers for Kubernetes

Duration: 50 mins
Jonathan Johnson
Independent Software Architect

Three evolutionary ecosystems work well together Java, Containers, and Kubernetes.

Past versions of Java were never designed to be “container aware”. This has led some to stray away from the JVM and consider other shiny languages. But wait, before you go, let's discover what Java 9, 10, 11, 12, 13 (…) has done to get our applications into efficiently distilled containers that pack nicely into Kubernetes.

Topics covered:

  • Microframeworks
  • Java9+, advancing beyond the troubled past
  • Java runtime to container runtime - a paradigm shift for “run anywhere”
  • Distillation pattern · small containers with a reduced attack vector
  • Multi-stage Dockerfile
  • JLink, JDeps
  • GraalVM
  • Hands on example

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