Create your own Interpreter with a JIT under 1 hour

Duration: 50 mins
Igor Braga
Software Developer, IBM

During this talk I will describe how you can use Eclipse OMR technologies to easily create an Interpreter for a new or existing runtime and get a JIT for free! I will walk through the simple steps to create a small, efficient Interpreter and JIT using the new OMR InterpreterBuilder for any runtime. One of the major benefits is that once the Interpreter is written the exact same code is used to create a JIT for the runtime. This means there is only one place to modify code. Everyone understands the benefit of having a JIT so getting one for free is a huge advantage. By the end of the talk you will have demonstrated how easy it is to implement an interpreter with a JIT and compare the performance with an Interpreter written in C++. Runtime and language enthusiasts should definitely check out the OMR project to see how it can help.

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