A Java Developer's Quest for Productivity

Duration: 180 mins
Sebastian Daschner
Lead Developer Advocate, IBM

Most developers continue doing their job as they always have. However, once in a while it makes sense to look and reflect whether we're doing things in the most effective way. This workshop shows 20 tips to Java developers on how to maximize their efficiency. We'll have a look how to improve our IDE usage, command line experience, and automation. We see which technology enables us to developer with efficiency, and how to keep feedback loops short. Altogether, all the points cover the topic of how to become a better developer.

Key takeaways

  • Spend your time on the keyboard
  • Leverage your IDE's power
  • There's an IDE shortcut for that
  • Live templates
  • Use the commandline
  • Shell aliases
  • Shell shortcuts
  • Shell scripting
  • Use VIM's way of typing
  • Editor live templates
  • Hot reload mechanisms
  • Keeping turnaround cycles short
  • Embrace fast feedback test scenarios
  • Use Continuous Delivery
  • Everything as code
  • Manage distractions
  • Read the documentation
  • Write documentation
  • Take a step back and reflect
  • Keep learning (especially now)

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