Venkatesh Neldurg

Venkatesh Neldurg

Senior Architect, MiQ | Bangalore, India

An accomplished software professional with more than 20 years of experience in architecture, design ,development and managing complex, fault tolerant and highly distributed software components, Venkatesh is a Sun certified Java professional with experience in programmatic ad-tech, Cloud Security (CASB), IPTV and consumer/small business finance.

After successful stints at start-ups such as Palerra Kasenna and Vitri and in small large companies such as Oracle and Intuit, Venkatesh is presently working at MiQ as a senior architect. His daily job entails managing the architectural and design aspects of several distributed and cloud native applications and services in the area of BigData.

Having undergone training in understanding customer needs through techniques like Follow-Me Home and Design for Delight(D4D) Venkatesh is a big proponent of understanding the customer’s pain points and tailoring solutions to delight the customers.

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Download Venkatesh Neldurg 's Talk Schedule at GIDS.Cloud Live 2020
Download Venkatesh Neldurg 's Talk Schedule at GIDS Live 2020 Series

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