Ulisses Albuquerque

Ulisses Albuquerque

Security Engineer, Latitude Financial Services | Melbourne, Australia

Ulisses Albuquerque is an experienced developer with a passion for application security done using tools and processes which do not slow down delivery.

A long-term developer and open source advocate turned into a security professional, he utilises his experience to support development teams in building secure software via pre-approved and well maintained patterns and libraries, and by providing security metrics and checks as part of regular developer workflows such as pull requests and CI/CD hooks. He believes in symbiotic, empathetic relationships between security and application developers as a way to uplift security posture while avoiding saying "no" as much as possible.

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Download Ulisses Albuquerque's Talk Schedule at GIDS.Lead Live 2020
Download Ulisses Albuquerque's Talk Schedule at GIDS Live 2020 Series

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