Tansel Ersavas

Tansel Ersavas

Deep Learning Expert | Sydney, Australia

Tansel is a complex systems expert with background in computer science and over three decades of experience in very diverse industries and disciplines. He worked around the globe as a developer, project leader, consultant, and trainer for several companies, and mastered a wide range of languages and systems, from machine languages to dynamic languages such as Smalltalk and Python, various databases and object persistence engines. He developed or led development of several interactive client-server systems, APIs, and mobile apps.

He is a member of the Berkeley Initiative in Soft Computing since 1997 and developed AI systems including neural networks, fuzzy logic and evolutionary systems using supervised, unsupervised and reinforcement learning.

Tansel is currently at the Garvan Institute of Medical Research coordinating the "Deep Learning Initiative", piloting several deep learning projects, and running seminars and workshops within and outside Garvan to raise awareness of AI, Deep learning, and other soft computing techniques.

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Download Tansel Ersavas's Talk Schedule at GIDS.AI/ML&Data Live 2020
Download Tansel Ersavas's Talk Schedule at GIDS Live 2020 Series

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