Rajat Khare

Rajat Khare

Software Architect, Intuit | Bangalore, India

Rajat Khare is Software Architect with 16+ years of experience building products and services across Health Care, Automative and Finance domains. Rajat has been working with Intuit over the last 9 years where he has built multiple capabilities around products for Small Businesses in the QuickBooks Ecosystem that serves 8 Million+ customers! He enjoys working Full Stack and has lead multiple technology transformations around building modern Web experiences powered by Cloud based Distributed systems.

Most recently Rajat has been involved in breaking down capabilities from Monolith applications and building them as scalable & highly performant container based Micro Services on AWS. He has also been instrumental in adoption at scale of Front End Technologies like React/Apollo and using emerging Client/Server interaction models like GraphQL. He has also worked in depth on embracing messaging technologies like Kafka to decouple and build message based interactions across micro services.

Rajat is passionate about building highly fault tolerant and performant systems serving critical customer work flows. He loves to share deep technology insights and is an avid internal and external speaker. He has spoken at Nasscom events and conferences like GraphQL Asia conference 2019 earlier this year. He is a demonstrated innovator holding 5+ Patents that are live in production in the products he has worked on.

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