Marc Hildenbrand

Marc Hildenbrand

Developer Advocate, Red Hat | Melbourne, Australia

A lifelong software engineer, Marc has over 20 years of experience in software development and is a recent convert to the world of open source software.

During the course of his varied career he has been involved in the development of projects including large scale video games (such as Lord of the Rings Online), mobile applications (such as 7-Eleven’s Fuel App), and the middleware that supports Public Transport Victoria’s mobile app.

Prior to joining Red Hat, Marc worked for seven years at the award-winning digital consulting firm Tigerspike where he held various engineering and leadership roles culminating in setting the consultancy's technical growth strategy as their global CTO. Due to his experience in product and services companies, he has a broad perspective on how development gets done (or not done).

Despite being a private person, Marc has a counterintuitive flair for the dramatic having been part of ImproMelbourne’s rookie troupe.

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