Anil Gunwantrao Allewar

Anil Gunwantrao Allewar

Engineering Leader, Altimetrik | Pune, India

Anil comes with 17 years of experience working with startups and enterprise IT organizations, focusing on nurturing and building products using lean startup principles. Prior to his current role, he worked as a CTO in a healthcare startup solving the unique challenges of OPD appointments in developing countries to ensure patients reach the OPD just-in-time for their appointments.

Anil has architected, designed and collaborated to implement horizontally scalable, performant products/applications that leverage Distributed systems, Microservices, Cloud computing, Java Enterprise, Mobility and web-based Single Page Applications. In his current role he works with fortune 50 customers to drive their digital transformation with emphasis on Domain driven design, Microservices, NoSQL and DevOps.

Anil loves to write blogs on Microservices paradigm and has spoken at multiple webinars. He’s also contributed to open source projects in OData, Rancher and Restlet and loves to explore and share new technologies through his Github handle.

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Download Anil Gunwantrao Allewar 's Talk Schedule at GIDS.Cloud Live 2020
Download Anil Gunwantrao Allewar 's Talk Schedule at GIDS Live 2020 Series

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