Amy Cleary

Amy Cleary

Lead Experience Designer, Symplicit | Melbourne, Australia

Having started her creative practice in visual art, Amy has somehow ended up as a multidisciplinary UX consultant, working with a wide range of clients from enterprises, to start-ups.

Amy specialises in designing Conversational User Interfaces (aka Chatbots) to facilitate user self-service and optimise workflows. It was through navigating reasonably uncharted waters in 2016, where she picked up a fascination with the challenges of humans and bots trying to understand each other.

Since then, she worked with large financial institutions to implement their first customer facing “virtual assistants”, as well as provide insight and best practice guidance for teams to create experiences that are engaging, helpful and efficient for the end user.

Amy is the co-founder of the Chatbots, Messaging & AI Meetup Melbourne, has travelled the world to attend Chatbot Summits, and was recently a speaker at Web Directions Sydney.

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Download Amy Cleary 's Talk Schedule at GIDS.AI/ML&Data Live 2020
Download Amy Cleary 's Talk Schedule at GIDS Live 2020 Series

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