Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


What times are the Live virtual conferences and expo held?

The conferences and expo are held between 0000 Hrs and 1200 Hrs GMT. If you are based in India, the conference starts at 05:30 AM and ends at 05:30 PM. If you are based in Australia, the conference starts at 10:00 AM and ends at 10:00 PM.

Why is the conference starting at such an early hour in India and wrapping up at a late hour in Australia?

It is our endeavor at GIDS to always bring you the best quality content through our conference agenda. Since many of our key speakers are located in different time zones around the world, we had to strike balance between ensuring the schedule plays out waking hours for our audience in India and Australia and at reasonable time slots for our speakers joining from the rest of the world. With the amazing content on offer, you will not regret joining at the top of the hour or staying back late.

Are the sessions at the conference pre-recorded or Live sessions?

All sessions at the GIDS Live 2020 series are "LIVE" and you can interact with the speakers in real time. While we still love the human to human connection in our in-person events, this is as close as it gets to the real deal.

How long is each session at the conference and workshop?

There are two formats: a fast-paced 25-mins talk and a deeper 50-mins. Then there are the hands-on workshops of 3.5 hours duration.

Can I hang out with the speaker and engage with her in Live Q&A during or after her session?

Yes, you can put forward your questions during and after the session. There is a 5 to 10-min switching time before the next session starts. You may either leave the room after a session finishes and check out into the next session room or choose to hang out in the room and interact with the speaker well after the session is over (provided the speaker is available in her room after the talk).

What if I missed out on a talk/session? Will I receive videos of the session recordings?

The GIDS experience is best savoured LIVE! However, we have you covered. You will receive access to all the session recordings at the conference. Please note that while we endeavour to provide recordings of all the conference ssessions, we are dependent on the virtual event platform to provide us with the raw video footage. Barring this dependency, we will make the video recordings available to all registered attendees.

When will I receive videos of the session recordings?

All registered attendees will recieve the conference session recordings within 3-4 weeks of completion of each event in the series.

Will I receive videos of the workshop recordings?

The workshops are interactive and you benefit by participating in a LIVE class along with the instructor. So recordings of the workshops will not be made available.

Can I network 1:1 with peer attendees, speakers and vendor representatives?

Yes, we have recreated the “coffee-in-the-lobby” conversations or watercooler chats that are so important at our in-person events. The Networking area automates the discovery of new connections. When you participate in the Networking, you are matched with a peer attendee and you can engage in one-on-one meetings like a FaceTime call. You can leave at any time and have the option to click the Connect button during a call to exchange contact information.

Is there an exhibition at each GIDS Live 2020 event?

Yes, like at our in-person event, you will find many of the great companies out there that love software practitioners like you. Navigate to the "Expo" segment of the event to visit the virtual exhibitor hall with sponsor booths.

What is happening at the exhibition?

Our sponsors are showcasing a wide array of brands, products or services. They are also running special offers, technical quizzes, contests and giving away digital swags. You can simply register interest at the booths, participate at the booth events, meet and interact with representatives from our sponsor companies on live camera, audio and/or via text. There's so much to do out there that we have carved out a dedicated 2-3 hour slot on our event agenda for you to soak in the experience.

Ticketing & Venue Access

What are the different types of tickets I can purchase?

There are three ticket types to choose from:

  • Conference Pass: provides you access to the full-day conference and associated exhibition
  • Workshop Pass: provides you access to all of the 3.5 hour workshops announced at the event
  • All-access Pass: this is the best value ticket and offers you access to both the conference & exhibition as well as all the 3.5 hour workshops
How can I purchase a ticket?

You may purchase tickets from either of our ticketing partners for the GIDS Live 2020 series: Eventbrite or Townscript. Head over to, choose the event you'd like to attend, click on "Buy Tickets" and follow through the process.

I would like to do a group booking/corporate booking? Are you offering discounts?

Yes, we love for attendees to come in groups to a GIDS event. We have some amazing discounts on offer for bulk purchases. Please write support(at)wurreka(dot)com and we will get in touch with you right away.

Will I receive a tax invoice for my purchase?

Yes, you will receive a tax invoice for the ticket purchase in your email along with the ticket.

Where do I receive my ticket?

Regardless of when you purchased your ticket, you will receive an email with a unique magic link one week prior to the event. So, for example, if you are registered to the GIDS.Architecture Live event starting on Thursday, 02nd July, you will receive your ticket no later than Thursday, 25th of June.

What if I have not received my tickets to the event?

Please drop an email to support(at)wurreka(dot)com with your details and we will send you a ticket provided you are registered.

How do I get access to the GIDS Live 2020 event venue?

You can access GIDS Live 2020 event venue on Hopin with a press of a button. Literally. If you have registered for the event, you will receive an email on our behalf from Hopin ( just like the one below. Please check your promotion, social and spam folders for an email from

After clicking the “Accept Registration” button, a new browser window or tab will open with a welcome message and a privacy notice.

Checking the checkbox and clicking continue will redirect you to the GIDS Live 2020 event Reception that gives you an overview of the event. From here you can access all other sections of the platform – Sessions, Networking and Expo.

Important: For the best GIDS Live 2020 Hopin experience, we recommend Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

Platform & Functionality

Where are you hosting the GIDS Live 2020 series?

Our platform of choice for GIDS Live 2020 is Hopin:

How do I access the event venue?

Your ticket will contain a unique link to the event venue. Click on it and sign up to Hopin and you will be taken to the event venue's reception area where you will find detailed instructions to navigate the various segments at the event such as attending keynotes, breakout technical sessions, networking and expo/exhibition.

Can I watch a demo of the attendee experience?

Sure, you can:

Can I join the event from a mobile device?

Yes, you can attend the event from your phones and tablets with limited functionality. We however recommend using your laptop or desktop for the full experience.

How does the networking area work?

Click ‘ready’ and you’ll be matched up with another person waiting to be matched up. You will have 5 minutes to chat and if you want to swap virtual business cards, click ‘connect’. The other person also has to accept your invitation to connect in order to share details. You can politely leave the chat 30 seconds into your meeting if you are not keen on pursuing the conversation.

How do I follow up with someone I met at Networking post-event?

During GIDS Live's networking segment, you and your conversation partner choose whether or not you'd like to select the Connect button.

If neither person or only one person selected Connect, a connection will not be made, and you will not be able to follow up with someone through GIDS Live. However:

After the conversation, if both parties selected 'Connect', you can follow up with them by:

  • In your Hopin account, select 'Connections' on the left panel to see all your contacts
  • Select the way you want to follow up with them (Linkedin, Twitter, Email)
  • You can also choose 'Unmatch' to lose the connection
Why can't I end a one-on-one chat with someone?

In Networking, sometimes the 'End' button might not be visible right away when you first meet someone. This is because the organiser has set a minimum amount of time each conversation has to last before attendees can choose to 'End' the call.

So the next time if you don't see the button right away, enjoy the conversation and it will become available very shortly.

How does the private chat function work?

You can search for people to talk to privately by clicking the people tab on the right-hand side. If someone has messaged you, a small red dot will appear. If you want to have a video chat with one of the attendees, click ‘invite to video call’.

Where can I see the event agenda?

Look on the reception page on Hopin or on our agenda page.

How do I find a Session I want to attend?

Click on the Sessions tab on the left-hand side and search for the session room (you will see a banner with the picture and session title) and enter the room to watch the session live..

How do I use the event chat?

This is featured throughout the whole event. You can type your messages, press enter to send and everyone will be able to see your message in each event area. There is a separate chat for each event session and each exhibitor booth, you will be able to see the option to toggle between different chats once you're in one of those areas.

How do I interact with sponsor representatives at the Expo area?

GIDS Live sponsors rock and the booths in the Expo is where you get to meet them. You can click and enter a sponsor booth and interact with the representatives there using the Booth Chat or click on “Ask to Participate” in the upper-right corner to interact with the booth presenter over live video and audio.

Tips & Troubleshooting

What browser do you recommend I use to access the live event?

For the best experience, we recommend Chrome or Firefox. Please avoid Brave, Safari, and Microsoft IE or Edge. Pro tip: Make sure your browser is up to date.

How do I check if my browser and network is compatible with the streaming software?

Ensure you're using an up-to-date version of Chrome or Firefox. If Chrome does not work, switch to Firefox and vice versa. Check your browser's and network's compatibility with the streaming software, here:

I'm having trouble creating a profile

When you first create a Hopin account, you'll be prompted to fill out your profile information. This account needs to be filled out to join an event.
If you can't finish this process, or run into any errors, close the browser, reopen the browser, and return to
Click "My Account."
And go to "Profile" on the left-hand menu.
You can complete your profile information here and can join an event thereafter.

I am receiving an Error completing my profile

If you keep receiving the following error while completing your profile: "There was an error, please contact support if continues" — you will probably be redirected back to the confirm page every time you click the event.

To fix this, follow these steps:

  • Sign out of your Hopin account.
  • Go to the Hopin homepage at
  • Sign in and go to My Account.
  • Add your information on my "Profile" page in "My Account" and it will hit Save.
  • You will be able to enter your event now.
Why are my videos buffering?

Check your internet speed and network. We recommend a minimum of 5mbps download and 2mbps upload. Ideally, we like to see 30mbps download and 10mbps upload or higher for the best quality - [test your speed here:

I am using a VPN or network provided by my employer. Is there anything I should be aware of?

If you are using a VPN or network provided by your employer, ensure you can access and share your camera and microphone on

Any other troubleshooting tips you’d like to share?
  • Restart your computer before joining the event. This ensures that there are no other video applications holding onto audio or video for any reason.
  • Please use headphones when participating on-screen. This will help eliminate echo and feedback.
  • If you lose sound or can't share your audio/video, try these steps (in order):
    • Refresh your browser
    • Ensure your browser's permissions are granted to have access to your camera and microphone (in Chrome, type into the URL bar: chrome://settings/content). If you're on a Mac, ensure your browser has permission to record your screen (open your computer's System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Screen Recording > find your browser in the list and check the box)
    • Quit and relaunch your browser
    • Restart your computer
    • Join the event in a different browser (e.g.: switch from Chrome to Firefox)
I'm getting a 500 error or a 404 error

Whenever you run into a 500 error or 404 error, please try the following troubleshoots:

  • Refresh your web browser
  • Restart your web browser
  • Sign out of your Hopin account and sign back in.
  • Restart your computer.
How do I make my screens bigger at the sessions (for e.g. a PPT or Keynote or a screenshare)?

You can double-click any screen to enlarge it and double-click the screen again to make it smaller.

The stage isn’t loading, what do I do?

Refresh, make sure you are using Chrome and close Zoom, Google Hangouts, etc.

Video in the sessions isn’t loading, what do I do?

Refresh, make sure you are using Chrome and close Zoom, Google Hangouts, etc.

Can I listen to the stage content and go into the expo hall at the same time?

Yes, just open two tabs, one with the event stage and one with the expo hall.

Why is there nothing happening on the stage?

Go to the event schedule (see reception) to check when the next talk is on.

Why can’t I see the poll results?

In order to see the poll results, you need to participate by answering the question.