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    Aug 05 2021. Streaming Worldwide.

Going Beyond KPIs

Talks on ethics and empathy in software engineering and architecture, inclusive design, developing for accessibility, improving privacy and data protection, writing high quality code, working well with peers, mentoring mindset, community give-back.


Software development and architecture today is at the intersection of engineering, philosophy and ethics, shaping human lives more than ever before. This calls for a structural change in the way software practitioners approach the craft. GIDS.GOOD Live is a virtual conference (Thu, 05th Aug) that aims to put you on track to becoming an principled software engineer. You will learn about ethics and empathy, inclusivity and accessibility, privacy and protection, and much more.

Own the Future Responsibly

If your craft is responsible for shaping the future of human civilization, isn't it time you became more responsible, ethical and empathetic? Isn't it time you shifted from a "How-to" to a "Should-we" mindset? GIDS.GOOD will put you on that path.

Hear from the Best

A talented lineup of world-class speakers who practice what they preach will propel you to think bigger about your potential for impact. You will go back with a buzzing mind ful of ideas on how you can do your part to create a better world with software.

Make Yourself Valuable

You have a superpower and you can use it to make an impact on the work you do, on the organization you work for, on your clients, customers and end users. Put yourself on the path to becoming a principled software engineer and make yourself valuable.


Join the best and brightest speakers from around the world. You will go back with a buzzing mind ful of ideas on how you can do your part to create a better world with software. All safely from the confines of your home office.

Daniel Steinberg

Storyteller at Dim Sum Thinking Ohio, United States@dimsumthinking

Aimee Forsstrom

Principal Engineer Sydney, Australia@aimee_maree

Scott Davis

Principal Engineer, ThoughtWorks Colorado, United States@scottdavis99

Maria Lamardo

Web Accessibility Consultant North Carolina, United States@marialamardo
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