Micro-Service Orchestration Deep Dive

Duration: 50 mins
Ken Sipe
Cloud Solution Architect

Leading technical organizations in micro-service based architectures all use an orchestrator in their datacenter; be it Apache Mesos, Kubernetes, Tupperware, the Borg or Omega. The dominate platforms in the open source space are Kubernetes and Mesos. This session will dive deep into the core difference including:

  • Pod container lifecycle differences
  • In production scaling differences
  • Scheduling and orchestration management difference
  • Reconciliation management
  • Resource selection (affinity vs anti-affinity)
  • Service discovery
    • This is NOT a one is better than the other smack-down. There are pro/con consequences for each orchestrator.

      Presented by an engineer that has worked for over 6 years with Docker and container orchestrators. Attendees will leave with a clear understanding of the Kubernetes API, scheduler, controllers and operators, and how they are different than the Mesos 2-level scheduler. The session will include how resources are managed in the cluster along with pod life-cycle management. The session will call out topics of concern regarding availability and scalability and how to best manage those concerns.

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