Homemade Serverless: Making it from Scratch

Duration: 50 mins
Marc Hildenbrand
Developer Advocate, Red Hat

When Amazon introduced its Lambda product in November 2014 many saw it as a revolution in computing, and they weren't wrong. But for all the benefits that Lambda and other similar products have brought to software development it also distorted the concept of "serverless computing" and buried the chain of computing innovations that led to that point. Nowadays, for most of us, the term "serverless" is just a progressive but nebulous buzzword meaning "programming...but more futuristic"

In this talk we look at the conditions that gave rise to so-called "serverless computing" and apply those first principles to modernise a small microservice-based website running on Kubernetes. Along the way we'll dispel some myths on what serverless isn't, reveal the surprisingly simple heart of what serverless actually is, and explain why you might want to think about making your own serverless solution using existing and proven open source software.

This talk is ideal for those that want to have a better contextual understanding of serverless and how it actually works behind the scenes.

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