Automated Deployment of ElasticSearch on AWS Using Terraform, Cloud-init

Duration: 25 mins
Venkatesh Neldurg
Senior Architect, MiQ

Despite having a multitude of managed solutions for various services in the cloud, some companies prefer going for self-managed infrastructure in the cloud for a variety of reasons. During his session, Venkatesh will show you how to completely automate and manage your own cluster taking ElasticSearch as an example. The attendees will have an opportunity to explore cloud-aware aspects such as Terraform, Cloud-init scripts and AWS to accomplish this.

A similar automation approach can be leveraged to stand up scaled down version of the cluster for test and dev purpose and a full fledged cluster with SSL support for production. The concept can further be extended in order to auto-scale clusters


Technologies that will be discussed:

Elasticsearch, cloud-init, AWS, Terraform, Shell Scripting/Java


  • Setting up of a self-managed cluster is not that hard - if you automate everything from the beginning
  • Learn about cloud technologies such as Terraform, cloud-init and AWS and go beyond just developing application code
  • Start to integrate infrastructure management in your development life cycle.

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