15 Best Practices for Designing Enterprise RESTful APIs in Cloud Workshop

12th August 2020
Speaker Date: 11th August 2020
Speaker Time: EDT: 20:00-00:00
Attendee Date: 12th August 2020
Attendee Time: IST: 05:30-09:30 | SGT: 08:00-12:00 | AEST: 10:00-14:00
Duration: 180 mins
Rohit Bhardwaj
Senior Architect, Cloud-native Expert in cloud-native solutions

API Gateway is a way to connect Enterprise application in cloud-ready applications. New applications need to design the data model and create public APIs to be consumed by mobile apps, third party apps, and different devices. We will explore best practices, which you must adopt to be cloud ready. Firstly, we will examine how contract first API development is helping enable more extensible and reliable APIs. Next, we will look at We will ask tough questions during this design session. How to provide security? What are best practices to authenticate? When should we version APIs? Should we use HATEOS for developing APIs? How to support internationalization? How to publish and maintain APIs?

We will take deep dive into following areas:

  • RESTful APIs design patterns: Principles for designing APIs, Hypermedia, Entity tags caching, filtering, Partial items, HAL
  • API versioning techniques: URI path, URI parameter, Content Negotiation, Request header
  • API Security: Threats, Protecting APIs, Authentication, API Keys: How they work? SAML, OAuth and JSON Web Tokens
  • API Gateway: Customer Driven contract development
  • API testing: SoapUI, REST-assured

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