Taming A Monster With Git Driven Data

Duration: 25 mins
Supriya Srivatsa
Software Development Engineer (SDE2), Atlassian

If you could relive history, would you change the future? In this talk, we “relive the codebase” by tracing its evolution, exploring how changes over the years bend, break and fix quality and architecture; how history shapes future. We mine the huge, largely latent version control data and through the lens of everyday Git commits, explore successes, vulnerabilities and hotspots in the codebase. Join me to hear about how at Atlassian, we leveraged “git driven data” to tame our monolith, refactor the right way and minimise tech debt.

This talk caters to engineers wading through large codebases. The content leverages git data, making it language/framework agnostic and catering to all developers who use some form of version control. This talk would also be useful to tech leads and managers to explore and figure refactor hotspots with the highest ROI, tech debt in the codebase and steps to fix it.

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