Evolving Architecture and Technology in the Post-covid World

Duration: 15 mins
Ranga Kanapathy
Head of Engineering and India Technology Center, Altimetrik

As we continue to focus on the disciplines of software engineering and technology innovation that are further accelerated by COVID-19, we can see some interesting patterns emerge in how the industry approaches architecture. The last few months have shown us that companies who invested in technology/product transformation, cloud native capabilities, modern delivery pipelines and advanced data capabilities all supported by open architectures and ecosystem APIs have emerged much stronger and taking leadership positions in their industries.

Digital transformation is thus picking up pace and moving very rapidly from the conference room to the shop floor. Some examples include Netflix, PayPal, NortonLifeLock and Reliance Jio. During this keynote, we will specifically look at some of the emerging architecture trends and patterns that are designed to address the post-Covid world that deal with more distributed workforce, increased importance of (on demand) at-the-door services and importance of consumer/end user cyber security beyond just corporate systems and networks.?This is thus an early potential indicator of the direction of technology investments and how we - this roomful of technologists, practitioners and influencers - have a critical role to play in helping our organizations navigate these choppy waters.

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