DDD + Microservices + DevOps – Approaching the Strangler Figs Way

Duration: 25 mins
Ganesh Raj Mohan P
Senior Engineering Leader, Altimetrik

Several enterprises continue to depend on poorly documented legacy applications to handle core business functions with the attendant challenges and limitations to scale and flexibility. While rebuilding them as microservices is often a top-level goal, it is a challenge to fix the engine while it is running. We believe that by following the principles of Domain-Driven Design, leveraging the strangler pattern and adopting DevOps significantly improves the odds of successful transformation for enterprises. In this session, we will focus on how we successfully modernized a 30-year-old monolith into a scalable microservices platform at one of the world’s biggest banks by adopting these principles including the challenges encountered, solutions that proved successful and lessons learned by us along the way.

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