Choosing the Right Analogies and Paradigms for Versatile Architectures

2nd July 2020
Speaker Date: 2nd July 2020
Speaker Time: IST: 14:30-15:00
Attendee Date: 2nd July 2020
Attendee Time: IST: 14:30-15:00 | SGT: 17:00-17:30 | AEST: 19:00-19:30
Duration: 25 mins
Nagaraj Nagabushanam
Director - Digital & Data, Newscorp

Just like how beacons in maritime and exploration helped people find their way (and more importantly their way back) till the early 1920s and inspired technology and applications around bluetooth beacons, we can find several such analogies that help design and architect a system to deliver desired results.

Our challenge was that NewsCorp wanted to architect a single system which would enable the company and its associated business units to build, maintain and operate apps for its numerous brands - ranging from news brands to broadcast to real estate.

The user service, business value, and the nature of the payload is very different for these different types of apps -- predominantly text, images and multimedia for news brands, predominantly video and audio for broadcast brands, and listing catalogs for real estate brands. The sheer variety of use cases to be served by the single platform was a huge design challenge.

Our approach to solving this challenge was to go back to a media technology that would give us the ideal paradigm - movies. Therefore, our platform Reel. This talk illustrates how using this paradigm as our model helped us build a versatile and flexible system which could deliver any kind of app with various configurations in quick time.

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